Available for students of all ages (5+ years old) and all levels (beginner to advanced), the piano lesson is customized to each student to focus on the musical styles that interest you and your goals!

The piano lesson includes several components: solfège, music theory, coordination and grooves.

General objectives:

  • Develop music’s love and taste with clear explanations, while awaking student imagination. It’s a good thing to hear musical pieces firsthand to create a learning desire.
  • A positive, calm and joyful interaction between the teacher and his student will help to consolidate trust and enhance students’ confidence and motivation
  • Be mindful about students’ posture: using a foot rest can be necessary to ensure a better balance, or make him cross his feet
  • Look after the hand to be well positioned ( ball, little dome or bridge), while watching the wrist height ( not too low, not too high), before studying scales and arpeggios
  • Look constantly at the possible muscular contractions on the arms and shoulders. The student must be used to release them while preserving a great hand position
  • The student must learn to count early
  • Help the beginner to awake his imagination. Then, he should be happy and proud to create different shades using images, colours and invented stories.

Specific objectives:

  • Use an enticing method for the beginner
  • Show a good understanding of the posture at the piano
  • Read a score with ease
  • Play at a stable rhythm
  • Wake your musical sense
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