Being part of the Sonart music team means being part of a dynamic work team that is open to the varied clientele of the community.

Do you want to join our faculty or administration team? Sonart is constantly looking for new staff to fill the growing demand for music lessons.

The company celebrates its 10th anniversary, in November 2019, and continues to develop new musical projects in order to allow everyone to share their musical knowledge and to develop themselves through different facets of music.

* Sonart music is a company that promotes diversity and inclusion.

** The masculine form is used to lighten the text.


The music teacher at Sonart is above all a music enthusiast. He passionately transmits his knowledge to each of his students and knows how to adapt his teaching to each of them.

The teacher approaches the reading, the technique, the posture and the practice of the instrument using recognized methods, while working on the program that appeals to the student. He also prepares students for the end-of-year and Christmas concert.

The music teacher is a contractual worker under the banner of Sonart music, he is responsible for the content of his courses, in return, the school deals with the management of students according to the availability given by the teacher.

Job characteristics:
-Choose your schedules between two locations (Gatineau and Aylmer)
-Hours guaranteed minimum
-Have to be bilingual
-Have at least 18 years old
-Collegiate or University diploma in music. Equivalent experience can be considered.
-Experience in teaching and animation is an asset

* Several positions available during the summer


You are a young dynamic with a great imagination and you play a musical instrument, you could be the ideal candidate to teach our music initiation class for toddlers.

Sonart is looking for someone to help 3-4-year-olds and 5-6-year-olds undertake a musical journey where the discovery of instruments is put forward. It is through fantastic stories and musical games that children will be introduced to the basic knowledge of several instruments.

The music school provides a program and all the necessary material for the realization of this course as well as the instruments (piano, drums, percussion, violin, guitar, etc.)

Job characteristics:
– Be comfortable with toddlers (3 to 6 years old)
-Experience with group management
-Experience in group animation
-Have to be bilingual
-Have at least 16 years old

Complementary music training and the program for the class is offered to the successful candidate.


The customer service agent is the first point of contact with the company that the students and their parents have upon arrival at the school, so we are looking for a welcoming, dynamic and smiling person. A candidate who is comfortable with our varied clientele: from 3-4 years old to adult, French and English speaking.

The service agent must be able to answer clients’ questions about schedules, payments and various services offered by the company. He is responsible for the smooth running of the evening: preparation of teachers’ binders, respect of class schedules, maintenance of the cleanliness of the premises and other related tasks.

The customer service agent may have to deal with several customer situations at the same time, so he must be able to determine an order of priority.

Job characteristics
– A flexible schedule that allows work / study reconciliation
-Have to be bilingual
-Have at least 18 years old
-Experience in customer service is an asset


    Hours of service
    Aylmer location

    September to June:

    Monday:  4pm to 9pm
    Tuesday:  4pm to 9pm
    Wednesday:  4pm to 9pm
    Thursday:  4pm to 9pm
    Saturday: 9am to 4pm

    Gatineau location (Adagio)

    September to June:

    Monday: 1pm to 9pm
    Tuesday: 1pm to 9pm
    Wednesday: 1pm to 9pm
    Thursday: 1pm to 9pm
    Saturday: 9am to 3pm

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