Musical Discussions

It is through workshops and exchanges that you will have a glimpse of the musical trends that have forged and influenced the musical universe of each and everyone.

Classic, Romantic, Swing, Jazz or Rock & Roll, here are some trends that will be discussed during theses meetings. Discover or rediscover composers of different eras and their works. Discuss and exchange with other group members and the teacher.

Active listening to musical selections will also be at the heart of this course. An activity that will immerse you in your memories while interacting with members, in addition to making you see the pieces in a new light and enjoy their benefits.

Among the subjects of the course:

  • The development of different musical movements and the influence of the social context for each of them
  • Active listening to better understand the different musical elements of a song and understand their composition
  • Great composers and their work.

This course is an activity for everyone, no musical knowledge required! Open to the curious and / or lovers of music, history or just those who like to learn, this course is for you (14 years old and over).

Choose the trend you want among the courses of the session!

  • Jazz Origin: Blues, Ragtime with Scott Joplin and Iving Berlin
  • New Orleans Jazz: trumpet, trombone with Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong
  • Swing: Benny Goodman, Count Basie and Duke Ellington
  • Bebop: Charlie Parker
  • Cool Jazz with Miles Davis
  • Hard Bop: Exploring the rhythms of Art Blakey and Charles Mingus
  • Free Jazz: improvisation with Ornette Coleman and Bill Evans
  • Jazz of today: Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder
  • Origin of Rock: Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry
  •  Apogee of Rock: Johnny Holiday, Rolling Stone and The Beatles
  •  Progressive Rock: Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrick and Pink Floyd
  •  Hard Rock: Black Sabbath, ACDC, Aerosmith


  • Limited number of participants.
Schedule and Pricing

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