How to Introduce Your Child to Music ?

First of all, it is always easier to arouse interest in a child when we have this interest ourselves. No matter how you relate to music, you do not have to be a musician. Here are some accessible ways to engage your child’s day-to-day interests.

By Listening

In order to arouse the interest of your children, you can first introduce him by making him listen to music regularly, and this from a very young age. From his first months to the age of 5 years old, musical listening contributes to his development.

Whether it’s lullabies or nursery rhymes, music playing in the car or at home, going to shows, these are simple ways to integrate musical listening into your child’s life. Listening to different styles of music will help your child identify those he loves and increase his interest.

Through Experimentation

Give your child the chance to experiment with music! There is no point in providing him with professional instruments; instruments in the form of toys are good tools for adopting music through play.

Speaking of games, games that combine sounds, rhythm, nuances and different musical sounds are excellent vehicles to help children develop their musical sensibility, listening skills, concentration and creativity.


Reproduce rhythms with hands or objects,

Repeat nursery rhymes with him,

Imitate with the voice the sounds that musical instruments make,

Imitate musicians with toy instruments.

In order for this exploration to be fun, the introduction must begin with a natural activity to your child, playing. A very simple way to include in his development moments related to music is our introduction to music lessons (link) for 3-6 years old. It is in this avenue of “musical universe” that our courses are developed. It becomes a fun moment that comes back regularly and allows your child to go through a variety of concepts and to touch several real instruments.

Finally, we advise you not to try to impose your tastes. If he prefers rock or jazz, classical or rap, it would be a mistake to force him to follow what YOU prefer … music could become a task rather than something positive for him.

Musical tastes is something very personal. To awaken your child’s interest in this universe filled with possibilities is sometimes to awaken a passion. We strongly suggest that you accompany him in these discoveries and give him what he needs to learn!

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